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Natalie Young Is a ‘Back to Basics’ Kind of Girl

By Posted in - The Press on June 28th, 2013 1 Comments Eater

Natalie Young_6-19-13-thumbYou could consider Natalie Young a pioneer in the Downtown dining scene. By opening her breakfast and lunch spot Eat two blocks east of where anyone was planning to do anything, she moved the footprint of Downtown Vegas and opened up the dearth of new options that followed. Of course, she’s also one of the first to get funding through the Downtown ProjectZappos head honchoTony Hsieh‘s effort to reinvigorate the area to make way for his company headquarters moving into the former City Hall. Young says she only has four payments left to make on Eat and she will be free and clear.

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    Did you see your NYTimes review a few weeks ago?

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