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Vegas reborn: the revitalisation of the North Strip and Downtown Las Vegas

By Posted in - Downtown Project & The Press on July 27th, 2015 0 Comments

First things first: no, Las Vegas doesn’t begin and end with its infamous Strip. Enticing, casino-packed, and neon-lit as it may be, the Strip is only one part of this city’s urban buzz. And for those looking to explore a different side of Sin City, there’s never been a better time to visit.

Take Downtown Las Vegas. Found northeast of the Strip, the area is host to a flourishing Arts District, has seen the launch of many leading restaurants, and has established itself as a new cultural nexus in Vegas. And then there’s the North Strip, which, after years of being considered a veritable no-man’s-land, is seeing new stirrings of life. Once you’ve clocked in the requisite time seeing the Strip’s sights, then, be sure to veer off the main path. There’s a whole different side of Vegas to see.

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