The Eat Philosophy

eat local.

Good communities start with good neighbors–and as neighbors, we want to foster a healthier, happier ‘hood… for everyone, even those just passing though. As part of this commitment, we intend to source food from local farmers first, as well as support local artists, charities and others who share our values.

eat happy.

We’re not just about food, we’re about people. And making people happy with simple, soulful eats, served in an unpretentious, all-are-welcome atmosphere. Everything we do, from our décor and attitude to the music we play and the food we serve, is all about making downtown a happier place, one meal at a time.

eat fresh.

What’s the key to a great meal? Great ingredients. In addition to buying locally, we’re committed to using the freshest, most sustainable ingredients possible–which means that whatever you order, it will always be fresh, responsibly sourced and made (and served) with love.

eat fast.

Fast times call for fast service, not fast food. While we’ll never sacrifice quality for speed, we understand that even folks who lack the time for a leisurely dining experience deserve to eat well. For those of you who are always on-the-go, we are happy to offer thoughtfully-prepared take-out options.

eat smart.

As passionate, lifelong learners, we believe in sharing our knowledge and skills with aspiring culinarians and curious, committed students of every stripe. Limited kitchen scholarships are available, so if you’re hardworking, drama-free and have a serious passion for food, please email Chef Natalie for more info.